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Latest Solutions

Theme Park , commercial street AV system

Zhuozhou light festival
(The holographic sound-light street covers about 2000 square meters. Zhuozhou China, January 10, 2022)

Performance hall and bar

BAR & live house solution
(New-Wave Livehouse, Chengdu, July 2022)
Jiangsu TV show
(TV shows for Zhejiang Satellite, 2021)

Conference / Business

digisynthetic's conference system
(Development Group conference Lecture hall, 2022)
Hologram command center
(Pearl Bay Command Center, 2022)

Exhibition hall

BANK OF CHINA AV's solution
 (Digital exhibition hall for Bank of China. 2022)
Guangdong Sand Box Project
(Huangpu Development Zone Exhibition Hall, 2022)
donggang hologram av solution
(Immersive exhibition hall for Agile Real Estate, 2021)