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DLM-04 DSP Network Microphone

    • The industry’s first AES67 network microphone with full-feature DSP
    • Advanced DSP Technology Cutting-edge fully-featured DSP for unparalleled audio quality. DSP capabilities include Adaptive Echo Cancellation (AEC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and Acoustic Noise Suppression (ANS).
    • Adaptive Feedback Elimination Achieve crystal-clear audio with a 12dB gain in adaptive feedback elimination. Enhances automatic adjustment to eliminate feedback in various audio scenarios.
    • Foolproof Configuration Hassle-free setup with a user-friendly, foolproof design. Intuitively configured for accessibility across varying technical expertise levels.
    • Versatile 4-Channel Outputs: Tailor audio output for amplification, conferencing, transcription, or natural sound reproduction. Four-channel outputs provide solutions for a wide range of applications.
    • Perfect for All Scenarios: Ideal for public address systems, conferencing setups, transcription services, and authentic sound reproduction. Seamless adaptation to meet audio needs in any environment.
    • DSP FunctionSupported
      High/Low Shelf
      High/Low Pass
      Noise Gate
      Peak Limit




Adaptive Echo Cancellation (AEC)AEC with a reduction capability exceeding 65dB, fast convergence, 128ms tail time.
Adaptive Feedback SuppressionAutomatically adjusts feedback suppression, increases gain by 9dB.
Adaptive Noise Suppression (ANS)Capable of reducing noise by 15dB.
Automatic Configuration RestorationRestores all configurations after power or network failure.
LAN Centralized ManagementPC software manages LAN devices, monitors channel volume, device temperature, etc.
Network Audio ModuleBuilt-in DL-04 4×4 AES67 module, supports simultaneous output of 4 channels for live sound, remote meetings, etc.
Power SupplyDual backup: Power over Ethernet (POE) and DC-12V.
Processing AlgorithmsAll processing algorithms are open, with a delay of less than 8ms.
Visual Management SoftwareUser-friendly interface for Windows/Mac, automatically discovers network devices.
Wall Panel ControlEnables control of volume, mute, and preset mode selection via wall panels.