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DSI3000/DSI6000 4 Channel Digital Network Power Amplifier

  • The DSI3000/DSI6000 4 Channel Digital Network Power Amplifier is a high-performance amplifier equipped with a Digisyn Link™ DSP module. Its compact 1U rack design makes it suitable for both mobile performances and fixed installations.
  • This amplifier utilizes the latest Class D Power Amplifier design technology, ensuring excellent sound quality and delivering powerful output without distortion. It incorporates various protection features including overload, short-circuit, DC, and temperature control protection, ensuring the safety of the amplifier and connected equipment.
  • With its outstanding power-supply design, the amplifier achieves a power efficiency of more than 85%, resulting in minimal heat loss. This efficient operation contributes to the longevity of the amplifier and helps maintain optimal performance.
  • Each channel of the amplifier is equipped with an independent Input/Output Equalizer, allowing precise adjustments to the audio signal. Additionally, the amplifier offers a maximum delay time of 1 second, enabling time alignment for better audio synchronization.
  • The DSI3000/DSI6000 amplifier supports TCP/IP network monitoring and debugging, allowing easy integration and control within a network setup. It offers versatile connectivity options, including AES3 AES67 Digisyn Link™ Digital Audio and Analog Signal Input, ensuring compatibility with various audio sources.




ModelDSI 3000DSI 6000
Output PowerAll channels driven output power, THD=1%
8Ω Stereo350W x 41300W x 4
4Ω Stereo500W x 42400W x 4
2Ω Stereo600W x 42600W x 4
Input/Output EQInput 6 band / Output 8 band parametric equalizer
Gain:-15~+15dB, step 0.1dB
Type:PEQ, High Pass, Low Pass (optional)
Frequence DivisionGain:-15~+15dB, step 0.1dB
Type:Butterworth, Bessel, Link witz-Riley
Delay0~1S, step21us
Frequency Response(@8Ω)20Hz~20KHz, ±0.3dB
Slew Rate50V/us
Damping Factor>800(8Ω,20Hz~200Hz)
Input Impedance20KΩ(bal) , 10KΩ(un bal)
Power Efficiency>85%
Product Dimensions(mm)482 × 397 x 45mm482 x 446 × 45mm
Packing Dimensions(mm)530 × 545 × 90mm(WxDxH)
Net Weight8.0Kg11.0Kg
Gross Weight9.7Kg12.7Kg