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Digisyn Link™: The Ultimate AES67-compliant AoIP Solution for Real-time Audio Distribution

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Digisyn Link™ is a solution for real-time distribution of audio in IP-based network environments.Digisyn Link™ can operate in existing network infrastructures and is inherently fully AES67-compliant.

Digisyn Link™ modules can be embedded into any audio device only requires a single Ethernet cable (AoIP), enabling signal transmission for all channels, eliminating the need for complicated analog cables.

By optimizing your audio setup with Digisyn Link™, you not only enhance your workflow efficiency but also ensure pristine sound quality throughout AES67 network. Whether you're working in a professional studio, live sound reinforcement, or broadcast environment, Digisyn Link™ guarantees seamless audio distribution, freeing you from the limitations of traditional analog cables.

Multiple Devices

Supports online connection of dozens or even hundreds of devices, allowing for the creation of an audio network system. 

Large scale audio network can be achieved DSP without the need for a central server. Can be applied in broadcasting, live performances, entertainment venues, sports arenas, business enterprises, schools, churches, and more

1536x1536 Channels

Digisyn Link™ module currently supports up to 32 analog channels.

The 1536 project DL-MAX has been grandly launched catering to large-scale projects.

Compare Digisyn Link™ with Other Network Audio

AspectDigisyn Link™ NetworkRavenna NetworkDante NetworkQSC Network
AES67 support
PTP ClockPTP v2PTP v2PTP v2PTP v2
Free Licensing
Ease of use✓(Plug & Play functionality)✓(Plug & Play functionality)
DSP processing✓(Edge computing)

Digisyn Link™ Features

Ultra-low Latency

Network latency as low as 0.2 milliseconds. Fully meeting professional audio high standards.

DSP Built-In

All modules come with comprehensive and powerful built-in DSP functionality.


IEEE PTP 1588V2 Standard. Nanosecond clock precision.

Lossless Quality

Using the PCM lossless format ensures that the module meets the audio quality requirements of professional scenarios.

DSP Built-in

Any AES67 device can be equipped with DSP options, including:

Automatic Gain Control
Automatic Noise Reduction
DelayUp to 4s
Echo Cancellation
Feedback Cancellation
High/Low Pass
Maximum Sampling Rate192K
Noise Gate
The open architecture allows for independent customization of DSP settings for each channel.

Online Monitoring

Online Monitoring Device with IoT control capabilities. Enables real-time monitoring of various parameters such as temperature and operational status. Provides signal routing management, allowing for efficient control and organization of audio signals.
Supports Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrades, ensuring easy and convenient firmware updates.

Technical Openness

Network protocols and APIs are open, allowing interoperability with other AES67 devices.

The API protocol SDK is open to customers, enabling you to build your own comprehensive control systems.

PoE Switch

Automatic IP Allocation

Devices equipped with Digisyn Link™ module connect to the local area network to achieve signal interoperability.

MacOS and Windows


Digisyn Link™ is available for both Windows and MacOS

Digisyn Link™ 64x64 AES67 Virtual Soundcard

Elevate your audio production capabilities with Digisyn Virtual Soundcard!

Seamlessly integrate your Windows 10 PC into your audio network, enabling effortless access to a wide array of audio devices.

With Digisyn Virtual Soundcard, you can effortlessly record, process, and play back up to 64 channels of pristine, lossless audio bidirectionally.

Digisyn Link™ ODM/OEM Services

Deep Technical Support

Digsynthetic's products have been exported globally for over 20 years.

Stable Supply

Selecting generic chips and alternative solutions with top capabilities


Supports networked upgrades and development of all types of audio products, with deep functional customization according to manufacturer requirements.

Digisyn Link™ Download

Download DigisynLink- (2023-07-31)

Download.exe64-bit Windows x6458.4 MB
Download.dmgmacOS (arm64 / x86-64)82.6 MB