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Digisyn Link™ 64x64 AES67 Virtual Soundcard

PC becomes an AES67 device:

Digisyn AES67 Virtual Soundcard transforms your computer into an AES67 workstation, seamlessly integrating it with AES67 audio devices on your network. You can instantly connect to record and play using any audio application (such as Zoom and Spotify) and any combination of Digysn Link™ embedded device.

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Windows 10 & 11 Platform

The Digisyn virtual sound card stands out with its comprehensive support for the WDM format.

WDM, an extensively utilized audio driver architecture in Windows operating systems, is known for its high stability and outstanding performance. 

Through in-depth optimization, the Digisyn virtual sound card ensures seamless integration with the WDM standard, providing users with exceptional audio processing and transmission performance. 

This allows users to conduct audio recording, editing, and playback on the Windows platform with enhanced smoothness.

Supports Multicast

Digisyn Link™ AES67 virtual soundcard offers powerful multicast functionality, saving bandwidth and fully compatible with popular audio networking devices such as Ravenna, Dante, QSC, and more. This enhances transmission efficiency by simultaneously sending data packets to multiple devices.

Presentations and Conferences

Enhance your presentations and conferences by delivering high-quality audio that can be heard by everyone. Utilize the existing network infrastructure and Digisyn Link™ embedded sound devices to achieve this.

Share VoIP calls from Skype or Zoom with your entire audience, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication.

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Virtual Direct I/O

Digisyn Virtual Soundcard utilizes the RJ45 Ethernet port and standard Cat5A/6 Ethernet cables.

Record up to 64 channels of pristine audio from your Digisyn AES67 network using DAW like ProTools, Logic and Cubase.

Playout audio from any application like iTunes for background music.

Digisyn Virtual Soundcard licensing options

ChannelsPricing (USD)ActivationOffline UsageTrial PeriodAES67 Multicast
Single Machine 2 Channels2FreeOne-time online activationYesN/A
Single Machine 8 Channels (60-Day Trial)8$9.99One-time online activationYes60 daysYes
Single Machine 8 Channels8$29.99One-time online activationYesN/AYes
Single Machine 64 Channels64$34.99One-time online activationYesN/AYes
Supported PlatformsWindows 10 & 11 (22H2 or above)
Suggested Configuration8th Generation Intel Core i3 CPU or higher