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DS458/DS356/DS254 Network DSP Audio Processor

  • Built-in Digisyn Link™ network audio module.
  • Supports AES67 standard with 4 inputs and 4 outputs, providing a maximum of 16 signal outputs in one channel.
  • Utilizes high-performance AD/DA DAC chip and high-speed processing DSP chip.
  • The device features individual input delay settings (1 second) and output delay settings (1 second).
  • Provides 7-band parametric equalizer (PEQ) for input and output.
  • Designed with enhanced accessibility features such as digital lock, copy function, and routing capabilities.
  • Supports USB and RS485 communication, making it adaptable to various environments.




Input/output4 in 8 out3 in 6 out2 in 4 out
Input impedance10kΩ
Output impedance50Ω
Max input/output level19dBu
Sampling rate48kHz
Input/output gain-40 ~ +12dB, (step 0.1 dB)
Input delay0ms ~ 1s, (step 21us)
Output delay0ms ~ 1s, (step 21us)
Input PEQEach channel has 4-bandEach channel has 7-bandEach channel has 7-band
Output PEQEach channel has 5-bandEach channel has 7-bandEach channel has 7-band
EQ Gain-30 ~ +15dB, (step 0.1db)
EQ TypePEQ, Low shelf (6db/12db), High shelf(6db/12db)
EQ Frequency19.7Hz ~ 21.9kHz
EQ Bandwidth0.017 ~ 4.750 OCT
Crossover frequency19.7Hz ~ 21.9kHz
Crossover slopeFLAT THRU, 12dB, 24dB, 36dB, 48dB
Crossover classificationButterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley
Compressor threshold-20dB ~ +20dB, (step 0.5 dBu)
Compressor ratio1.2, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 20, 40, 128:1
Attack time1 ~ 100ms, (step 1ms)
Release time50 ~ 1000ms, (step 50ms)
Dynamic range112dB A Weighting
Distortion0.002% (1kHz,0dBu)
System preset10 appearances preset programs, 30 user programs.
VoltageAC 90V~250V 50Hz-60Hz
Size482mm x 164mm x 45mm