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DS458/DS356/DS254 Network DSP audio processor


  • Build-in Digisyn-Link network audio model. Support AES 67 standard with 4 inputs and 4 outputs, a maximum of 16 signal outputs in one channel. Delay memory could be set with 1ms, 2ms, 4ms.
  • High-performance AD/DA DAC chip and high-speed processing DSP chip.
  • Delay IS for each input and IS for each output.
  • Input 7-band PEQ and Output 7-band PEQ.
  • Accessibility Design (Digital lock, Copy, Routing, etc.)
  • Support USB/RS485 communication. This could be applied to different environments

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Model DS458 DS356 DS254
Input/output 4in8out 3in6out 2in4out
Input impedance lOkQ
Output impedance 50Q
Max.input/output level 19dBu
Input/output gain -40~+12dB, O.ldB step
Input delay Oms~ls, step 21us
Output delay Oms~ Is, step 21us
Input PEQ Each channel has a 7-band parametric equalizer
Output PEQ Each channel has a 7-band parametric equalizer
EQ Gain -30~+15dB, O.ldB step
EQ Type PEQ、Low shelf、High shelf
EQ Frequency 19.7~21.9KHz
EQ Bandwidth PEQ 0.017-4.750 Oct
Crossover frequency 19.7~21.9KHz
Crossover slope FLAT THRU,12dB,24dB,36dB , 48dB
Crossover classification Butterworth x Bessel、Linkwitz-Riley
Compressor threshold -20dB~+20dB,step 0.5dBu
Compressor ratio 1.2,1.5,2,3,4,6,10,20,40,128:1
Attack time l~100ms, step 1ms
Release time 50~1000ms, step 50ms
Dynamic range 112dB A Weighting
CMMR >40dB
Crosstalk <-100dB
Distortion 0.002%(lkHz,0dBu)
System preset 10 appearances preset programs, 30 user programs
Voltage AC 90V~ 250V 50Hz-60Hz
Weight 2.81kg/2.8kg
Size 482mmxl64mmx45mm