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DSM001 DSP Network Microphone

  • Built-in 4×4 AES67 network audio module capable of simultaneously outputting 4 signals to various application scenarios, including live sound reinforcement, remote conferencing, recording, and more.
  • Supports customizable DSP functions for each channel.
  • Features high-performance independent dual-mode feedback suppression (including limiting wave filtering and adaptive filtering). Adaptive filtering ensures a 9dB increase in sound gain.
  • Equipped with adaptive noise suppression (ANS) with a noise reduction capability of 15dB.
  • Includes adaptive echo cancellation (AEC) with a range of 20-20K and an echo cancellation capability greater than 65dB. The convergence speed is greater than 35dB/S, with a tail time of 128ms.
  • Digisyn Link™ software allows for the management of network audio signals from all AES67 network devices within the LAN. It also provides monitoring of device status, such as channel volume and device temperature.