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DL-MAX 1536x1536-Channel Audio Server

  • Standard DSP Capabilities: Enjoy a standard 1024×1024-channel DSP engine for essential audio processing tasks, including EQ, delay, feedback suppression, and high/low-pass filtering.
  • Unparalleled Channel Capacity: Handle up to 1536 audio channels simultaneously, catering to demanding audio processing needs.

  • Flexible AEC Options: Equip your system with up to 180 independent AEC channels for effective echo cancellation in various environments.

  • Powerful FIR Processing: Utilize up to 256 channels of 4096-tap FIR filters for precise audio shaping and filtering.

  • Shared Gain Mixing: Achieve seamless mixing across all channels with efficient shared gain control.

  • Ecosystem Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with Digisyn ecosystem Network Microphone, Speaker, and Digital Power Amplifier. It also supports the DMX208 splicing fusion function, Digisyn AES67 Virtual Soundcard, and AES67 multicast streaming.
  • Flexible Expansion*: Optional USB interface (meeting BYOD needs), supports GPIO, 32×32 analog audio, and other interface options.
  • Available for ODM customization services.