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DS428E/DS226E/DS224E DSP Audio Processor


  • Wide diapason, natural and delicate timber. Max stable remote control distance
  • Delay: 2S for each input and 2S for each output. at 40 meters.
  • Input 9-band PEQ (Including phase EQ), Output 9-band • 30 kinds of system preset. PEQ, 31-bandGEQ.
  • Friendly software interface.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows types of equipment like PC laptops, etc.

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Model DS428E DS226E DS224E
Input/Output 4in8out 2in6out 2in4out
Input/Output Gain -40~ + 12dB, step O.ldB
Max Input Level 20dBu
Input/Output delay 0ms~2s, step 21us
Input/Output PEQ Each channel has 9-band parametric equalizer
EQ Gain -30~ + 15dB, step O.ldB
EQ Type PEQ, Low shelf, High shelf, PHASE shelf (optional)
EQ Frequency 19.7-21.9KHz
EQ Bandwidth PEQ 0.017-4.75 Oct
Input GEQ Each channel has 31-band graphic equalizer (1/3 oct)
Crossover Frequency: 19.7~21.9KHz
Slop: FLAT THRU, 12dB, 24dB, 36dB, 48dB
classification: Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley
Compressor Threshold Gate: -20~+20dBu, step 0.5dBu
Ratio: 1.2,1.5,2,3,4,6,10,20,40,128:1
Attack time l~100ms, step 1ms
Release time 50~1000ms, step 50ms
Dynamic Range 112dB
Separation 95dB
Distortion Degree 0.002% (IKHz, IVms)
Voltage AC 90V-250V, 50-60HZ
Weight 3.6kg