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2024 ISE in Barcelona, Spain


From January 30th to February 2nd, 2024, the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) Exhibition for Audiovisual Equipment and Information System Technologies took place in Barcelona, Spain.

The ISE Exhibition, the largest and most successful audiovisual and systems integration exhibition held in Europe to date, represents the significant achievements of audiovisual technology in the business sector. It is the exhibition with the highest number of participants in the global professional audiovisual field.

Digisyn Link™ AES67 System

TopForce Technology showcased the new generation AES67 Network Audio Solution, the DIGISYN LINK System, in Barcelona.

The Digisyn Link™ System can route and allocate all audio signals, perform DSP processing, control and monitor all devices while maintaining lossless audio signal quality and ultra-low latency according to the AES67 standard. At the ISE 2024 exhibition in Spain, visit booth #3U600 to witness a live demonstration of the Digisyn Link™ System.

Preview of Exhibited Products

The star products of the Digisyn Link™ System featured at the ISE 2024 exhibition include:

  • DL-04/08/16/32 AES67 Network Modules
  • DL-MAX 1536×1536 Ultra-Large Channel Mixing Matrix
  • DMX-208 DSP Network Matrix
  • DSM-001 DSP Network Microphone
  • DLS-001 4×4 AES67 DSP Network Speaker
  • Digisyn Link™ AES67 Virtual Sound Card

DL-04/08/16/32 AES67 Network Modules

Digisyn Link DL08/16 AES67 module
  • 2 to 32 channel AES67 modules for lossless audio transmission, 
  • ultra-low latency (<1ms); 
  • interfaces: BTB & PCIe; 
  • Optional DSP: echo cancellation, background noise reduction, feedback suppression, automatic gain, automatic mixing*, EQ, FIR, delay, compression, limiting, noise gate.

DL-MAX 1536x1536 Ultra-Large Channel Mixing Matrix

  • Supports up to 1536×1536 AES67 channels, 

  • Sampling rates: 48kHz/96kHz/192kHz, providing routing and mixing capabilities. 

  • Equipped with 2.5G network card. 

  • Custom features: DSP, analog I/O, GPIO, etc.

DMX-208 DSP Network Matrix

DMX208 AES67 Network DSP Processor
  • 4×4 analog interfaces, 4×4 network interfaces.
  • 48V phantom power, supports PoE power supply.
  • Built-in DL-08 module, Supports free combination of DSP functions for each channel and cascading expansion of multiple devices.

DSM-001 DSP Network Microphone

  • 4 in 4 out, built-in AEC, AFC, and other processing functions;
  • Can output different signals: Local sound reinforcement signal, remote conference signal, background noise reduction signal, natural sound output. 
  • With a headphone interface to receive remote simultaneous interpretation signals.

DLS-001 4×4 AES67 DSP Network Speaker

  • 4 in 4 out, PoE powered,
  • Power 30W-60W,
  • compliant with standards.
  • Equipped with rich DSP functions.

Digisyn Link™ AES67 Virtual Sound Card

  • 64×64 Windows virtual sound card,
  • WDM format, supports 96k.
  • Supports sending standard AES67 multicast streams,
  • Compatible with other network audio protocols.

On-Site Reactions

This exhibition attracted many partners for on-site visits and exchanges, allowing us to make new friends and gain insights into more industry dynamics. Thanks to every visitor and partner for their support and attention!