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2022 Infocomm in Las Vegas, USA



From June 8th to June 10th, InfoComm2022, one of the most comprehensive audio-visual industry expos in the world, was grandly held at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). Digisynthetic Co., Ltd., as one of the exhibitors, brought our latest network audio transmission solution Digisyn Link™ and new audio products to the stage.


(Set up the scene on the eve of the launch)


  • During the exhibition, the DigisynLink™ network audio solution attracted much attention. Many well-known brands and integrators had an in-depth understanding of the DigisynLink™ solution, and there was an endless stream of visitors, who affirmed the solution’s high performance and novel interaction methods, and showed strong interest in network modules and terminal products.


(InfoComm’s on-site media also interviewed our company during the exhibition)



Current State of the Network Audio Market

  • In the international market, the network has become a very popular transmission carrier in the field of professional audio, and the networking of industry products has become the general trend. Even in the severe international supply chain environment, We still overcomes the problems of supply and delivery by virtue of its flexible and cross-platform core technology.
  • In addition to excellent performance, DigisynLink™ can be supplied stably and quickly, and has become a powerful alternative to AES67 network



  • DigisynLink™ is a network transmission solution based on the AES67 protocol, with low latency (<1ms), lossless transmission and other performance characteristics, which can meet the functional requirements of various professional audio scenarios. Audio equipment can transmit multiple audio signals with one network cable, which greatly reduces the cost of cables and project installation labor.



  • With the innovative visual connection routing interface, all DigisynLink™ network devices can be automatically searched, and signal routing and device management are performed through a software, which greatly improves the convenience of device debugging and project operation and maintenance.


  • In addition to the strong demand for DigisynLink™ network modules from many customers at this exhibition, we have also received a lot of demand for complete products, including network microphones, processors, power amplifiers, speakers, etc.