DS212A Digital Auto Feedback Eliminator

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Dingli audio-visual Technology Co., Ltd. since 1999 launched the first with independent intellectual property rights with DSP processing automatic feedback suppressor DS212, rave reviews, with many customers.

DS212A  Digital Auto Feedback Eliminator


Digisynthetic Co., Ltd Since 1999, China launched the first independent intellectual property rights with DSP processing automatic feedback suppressor DS212, rave reviews, with many customers. In 2006, the company based on the DS212, combined with its advantages, introduced a feedback suppression faster, better performance of the digital feedback suppressor DS212A. DS212A uses three extremely fast 48bit DSP, 48KHz sampling rate, ultra-low noise 24bit AD / DA. DS212A compared with the DS212, with a shorter feedback suppression time, only 0.4 seconds (SABINE FBX2400 is about 0.8 seconds), stronger suppression, up to -60dB (SABINE: -48dB), and excellent sound fidelity The Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz., THD + N: 0.02%.
The DS212A is a stereo feedback suppressor, and each channel includes 12 independent notch filters. The number of static notch and dynamic notch can be set, such as the static notch is set to 8, the dynamic notch is 4, where the first to eight filters are static notch, the 9 to 12 filters are dynamic notch. Static notch can be locked by searching to suppress the frequency, you can manually set the suppression frequency and bandwidth, its application is very flexible. The dynamic notch is the automatic search suppression frequency after the static notch is used. As a good feedback suppressor, the notch filter speed and accuracy are two important characteristics: [1], notch filter suppression rate: DS212A to ensure that the duration of the feedback sound to achieve the minimum and efficient Of the DSP algorithm response is about 0.4 seconds, the feedback once generated can be immediately suppressed; [2], notch filter accuracy: DS212A can be very accurate to find the feedback frequency, whether it is static notch, or dynamic notch , Have a very high resolution, the minimum error can be in the range of 1Hz. Constant constant bandwidth filter to ensure that the DS212A has a good phase response, will not reduce the sound quality. The notch filter bandwidth is optional: 1/5 octave or 1/20 octave. Can increase the microphone gain of 9 ~ 12dB, without a whistle. In short, DS212A is a cost-effective, high performance digital feedback suppressor
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