To survive the quality, innovation and development - Chairman Mr. Sheng Cheng interview "electro-acoustic technology"

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To survive the quality, innovation and development - Chairman Mr. Sheng Cheng interview "electro-acoustic technology"

In the 2013 PALM exhibition, our company received a total of "electro-acoustic technology" interview, the following reproduced in the "electro-acoustic technology" in June 2013

"Electro-acoustic technology" (monthly) by the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation Third Institute (TV electro-acoustic Institute), Beijing TV electro-acoustic magazine editorial publishing, domestic and international public offering. Since its inception in 1977, "electro-acoustic technology" has won the national and ministerial level of outstanding scientific and technical journals title award, set "national excellent journal", "professional core journals", "electronic boutique journals" in one.

To the quality of survival, innovation and development

                ——Interview with Sheng Cheng, chairman and chief technical advisor of Guangdong Dingli Audio & Video Technology Co., Ltd.

  DIGISYNTHETIC was established in 1996, is a specialized research and development, manufacturing, sales of professional audio-visual products of high-tech enterprises; the company has a number of patented technologies, the company's products mainly include digital audio Matrix processor, digital speaker processor, professional digital network amplifier, digital amplifier, active speakers, linear array speaker system, DSP module, KTV speakers, the products are exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia market. The company embodies a large number of outstanding professionals, and the introduction of international advanced management concepts, in strict accordance with ISO9001 - 2008 international quality management system operation. Over the years, the company has won the "high-tech enterprises", "Top Ten audio brand" and many other awards, has become the most professional standards and strength of the company. The company will always adhering to the "quality of survival, innovation and development, to manage for efficiency, to serve for credibility," the purpose of the convergence of elite forces, and actively integrate industry resources to promote greater development of the industry, continue to lead the field of digital audio-visual. 2013PALM exhibition, "electro-acoustic technology" reporter took advantage of this opportunity, the scene of the company's chairman Shengcheng chairman of the brief and in-depth interviews, the chairman of the company's development and business philosophy and other aspects of the problem The

Electroacoustic technology: First of all, please briefly introduce the development of the top since the creation of the process?
Sheng Cheng: the top of the start should start from Nanjing, because I prefer to study the figures of things, then many of the traditional things are simulated, their own developed some of the first digital products, such as digital effects, At that time similar products in addition to imports from Japan, China has no such products. At that time just because more like to study, there is no utilitarian, developed things not to do business. In 1988, the first digital effect was developed, then won the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, after the product into the market, has been recognized by peers. At that time set up a company in Nanjing, be regarded as the predecessor of the top of it, officially entered the field of professional audio. After the development of the company for several years, consider the Guangdong Pearl River Delta region will be more convenient, should be friends and customers invited to transfer the company to the development of Guangdong. From the beginning of the 20th century, the beginning of the 1990s, the first is the development and then production and sales, the company from the beginning of the development of several people now more than 200 people, and now the company from research and development to domestic sales, export, with a new automatic production line, Domestic development be regarded as a certain influence in the industry.
   From the company's development over the years, the early development is due to reform and opening up, we seize the opportunity, behind the ten years really rely on the company's product innovation. The company's investment is very large, including the introduction and management of talent, the company's development of each stage has every stage of the request. Dingli company has experienced three important stages, the first stage is the start stage, starting from Nanjing, with their own interests to do some of their favorite things, then the market is not very orderly; the second stage is the development stage, this period of the market But also gradually mature, the customer choose your product because of your product innovation, to meet the needs of the market, the company is not only to sell products to customers, but also for customer service, and customers to establish an interactive service; Is the restructuring stage, the company in terms of management needs some more professional, more responsive to the development of market management, not just passion on the line. At present the company management environment is good, with a united, professional team, the company R & D investment is very strong, the company's product research and development positioning is science and technology as a pilot, the company from the creation to the present has always insisted on a concept is to R & Marketing-oriented, love and dedication, to create high-quality products to ensure that the enterprise can be long-term steady development, more importantly, the company embodies a group of want to do business, like-minded, both ability and political integrity of the core team. The company has a relatively modern manufacturing base in Guangdong Zhaoqing, Guangzhou is a marketing research and development center.

Electro-acoustic technology: What is the company's current main business? What are the advantages of market competition?
Shengcheng: The company's products include digital audio matrix processor, digital speaker processor, professional digital network amplifier, digital amplifier, active speaker, linear array speaker system, DSP module, active power amplifier module, guitar amplifier, DSP pedal effect , KTV amplifier and KTV pre-processor, KTV speakers, the products are exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia market.
   To do this line personally think that China's manufacturing environment is very competitive, internal and external environment, including human resources costs, demographic dividends and other future development of enterprises is a test, there is a transition of the problem, if you still use the traditional Ideas to run factories, may be fend for themselves, if the transition is successful, there may be a greater development. All the industries are the same, and now the industry is doing more difficult, personally think that so many years to do down, a belief is to "adhere to", and now all walks of life are pay attention to a "special" and "deep" word, To do it, "insist" to engage in industry is very important. Professional audio is a relatively small industry, the industry is characterized by low threshold from the outside world, but the actual requirements of the product is not low, because the professional audio products are now digital, efficient and lightweight direction, and now A lot of IT products are cross-border, such as embedded software used inside, including now a lot of Internet communications things, with it is a combination. The competitive advantage of the product is by the company's "adhere to" and adhere to the "quality of survival, innovation and development," the purpose of relying on product quality and innovation, I believe the company will do bigger and stronger.

Electroacoustic Technology: You are the first DSP digital audio processor to create, in the field of professional digital audio for decades, more than 10 years has been engaged in audio product development, has accumulated a wealth of audio product system design experience. Please tell us about your unique design ideas in hardware and software design, detailing what you have developed for the top technology research and development of some products.
Sheng Cheng: I have done a lot of hardware and software design, in general, in fact, many things are analogy, China's existing companies are fully capable of making similar products with the international comparable products, all the audio companies accumulated DSP Algorithms can be processed by our digitization, for example, the current effects, feedback suppressors, pressure limiters, parametric equalizer, etc., can be a DSP and then with the corresponding software to achieve. Hardware, due to the world's large-scale integrated circuit of the new technology, making the hardware design becomes more and more simple, more reliable, more powerful, unlike the early design of the tube, filled with a room may. Now benefited from the rapid development of semiconductor technology, and can quickly put new materials, new technology applied to the product, making the product now small, lightweight, energy-saving.
Our products are designed to accumulate a set of methods, through a building block, modular design, many of the essence of the product is the same, which is conducive to our annual products on the Fast upgrade. Because the annual new products can not start from scratch, some are on the basis of the original upgrade, the product of the core is the same, so many new products available the cycle is getting shorter and shorter. Now a lot of electronic information industry are in the use of this idea, the computer industry is also true, the electronics industry's digital products can be compared to the audio industry's IT industry. Many of the products are cross-border, and customer service is interactive, this is the product of digital benefits.
I developed a lot of products for the top of the force, such as 1987, when the company created, developed the DSP1000 effect, in 1988, done 5.1-channel karaoke OK Dolby decoding amplifier, the late include some of the current products The nuclear also inherited the previous things, inherited some of the previous technology in it.

Electro-acoustic technology: the company based on the latest generation of chip platform development products, as well as the most advanced speaker processor, the PALM exhibition, the company brought what new products? Please tell us about their characteristics? What is the difference compared to other similar products?
Shengcheng: This new product has DS428E / DS4226E / DS4224E digital speaker processor series products, K6e / K3e professional DSP karaoke processor series products, DP3200 / 2240/1800/1400 professional power amplifier products.
Which DS428E use of a advanced A / D converter, high-speed floating-point DSP, Frankfurt in April 2013, some European customers on the product after the test, that the whole sound processing power is very strong, and international famous products Comparable, but the price has a great advantage. The DS428E uses Wi-Fi communication via iPAD, via TCP / IP, which can be remotely controlled and diagnosed with a two-way intelligent feature, which is a cross-border product that puts some popular stuff such as communication, now flat Together, not just a product can only sound, more is a more intelligent user-oriented product. Interface software with multiple operating systems, there are customer interface for different operating systems, greatly facilitate the customer's application, especially in some fixed installation or mobile performance applications, iPAD portable features make the installation simple and convenient, it is the product A bright spot, as well as wireless intelligent control. In short the series of products have two characteristics, one is the sound quality, one is the application, which is a more cost-effective product line. Now people accept new things faster, the product experience more and more simple, more and more fool, requiring product features strong, simple operation, as mentioned above, from the outside world to see the threshold is low, but the actual product The requirements are not low.
Another product to be introduced in China and Southeast Asia is more popular, popular karaoke OK processor, such as K6e, products in addition to the Andrews system, there are Apple systems, Windows systems, these from the software development point of view, No less than the daily intelligent electronic product development, as well as software, this software, including business machines, PC, iPAD, and even Andrews system software, the following terminal, there must be embedded software. This product in the sound with the previous similar products compared to a very large upgrade, to adapt to different customers around the world on the sound requirements, such as people like soft, some people like beautiful, this product is through a software For different places on the voice of the different pursuit to adjust to meet the diverse needs of different customers on the sound. Kara OK sound processor Our company has done more than a decade, was the first in the country will be this sound processor to karaoke OK application, because before that, karaoke OK processors are analog, is the knob , And now digital things is basically a standard, there is little simulation of things, and audio products in the digital, the top of the company made a certain contribution in a certain sense to promote the digital audio products process.
The DP series of products, the biggest feature is the static when the power is not working very low, only a few watts, while the traditional power amplifier in the work when the power is relatively large. Now the EU is introducing the concept of environmental protection, this efficient digital amplifier, in line with the global trend of environmental protection and energy conservation, bringing the direct benefits of large quantities of use, the savings in electricity is considerable. We have done a tracking statistics, such as a karaoke chain stores, 100 amplifiers, according to one day each work about 15 hours, a year down to save 8 to 10 million.
In summary, the characteristics of our products: to meet the diverse needs of different customers voice; customer friendly interface to deal with unique, close to the needs of the market, multi-operating system, diversification; the digital audio processor to karaoke OK , The promotion of the professional audio digital advance and popularization; efficient use of digital power amplifier, energy saving and environmental protection; the company accumulated many years of precipitation of some of the DSP algorithm, the sound processing, formed its own style.

Electro-acoustic technology: Will the company in the new technology, new product innovation and research and development is how to operate?
Sheng Cheng: Since its inception has been committed to the development of digital audio products and production, in the past 20 years of development, the top of the audio in the field of research and development capabilities have been in the domestic leading position. Company innovation, R & D investment is very large, as of 2012, the company has 78 patents, the PALM exhibition, the top of the won by the Chinese Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association and the Chinese Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association venues equipment professional committee issued by the exhibitors First prize of intellectual property award, this award is the national patent office audit, according to the number of patent certificates to be selected. This shows that over the years the company attaches great importance to product innovation and research and development, these patented inventions over the years the company product innovation, R & D accumulated results, the company attaches great importance to R & D investment, R & D personnel introduction and management, awareness of the importance of intellectual property, Over the years by the quality of product development.

Electro-acoustic technology: What is the future direction of the company's development?
Sheng Cheng: technology is endless, every certain stage there will be new technology research and development and application, with the digital process to speed up, and now the characteristics of cross-border products, there are too many technical applications can be expanded. In addition to the continuous innovation of technology, the top will also create innovative R & D management platform, so that knowledge, talent, people with lofty ideals can be nested together to promote China's audio industry.
   This platform is to build, we are constantly learning to digest the latest technology cutting-edge technology, and use their own team of technical and applied innovation; also will open the top of the technology platform, the company is in Guangzhou for double-soft business Certification, is expected to come down next year. We have our own algorithms, their own operating system, their own characteristics, the precipitation of these technologies for the follow-up technology research and development efforts to provide the most rapid sustainable development support.

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